Friday, June 4, 2010

my favorite day...

Two years ago I had the best day of my life. 
My wedding.

My sister helped me dress, held my hand, and whispered sweet blessings.

A bed of petals were scattered to soften our steps...

My dreamy husband-to-be waited patiently...

Someone told me to stop crying, the music had started, and I needed to pull myself together and take my long awaited walk down the grassy aisle...

I felt like a princess in the veil my mom hand made for me.
Both my parents supported me as I took each slow step towards my future...

But then I saw him, his bottom lip quivering as much as my shaking legs. 
I fell in love with this man, my man, over and over and over again.

The women I love stood next to me, crying with me, and loving me.

Friends sung for us, and celebrated us.

And then, after vowing to each other the rest of our lives and the depth of our hearts, we walked away to "Bittersweet Symphonies"...

My new mom in law (who promised she wouldn't) cried with me out of joy.

We cuddled each other...

And I was so, so happy...

I surprised my new husband by recording myself singing "our song" and playing it as our first dance...

I laughed.

And then he held me.

And then my sister, my heart, spoke a stream of love and made me cry, again.

Then came my baby brother, my hero, and I had to stop my new husband from choking on his laughter...

Then, my brave husband tried to speak, but got choked up. 
It made it better.

Then we cut our cake! A funky Lithuanian cake, 'cause, we're like that...

We laughed...

And grooved...

And then my dad held me.
And I'll never forget it.

For a moment, I let it all soak in...

I'm a wife. I have a husband. We have a life together.

And then it was over...

But we still danced.

And loved.

Now, two years later. 
Nothing has changed. 

His lip still quivers and I still get wobbly knees.

I don't feel like I have a husband.

I just feel like I have the coolest roommate ever.

All photos taken by the amazing David E. Jackson.


  1. You look SO pretty lady! I love your dress and I really love those brides maids dresses! Perfection! :)

  2. This is an adorable post! I love the pictures!

  3. kudos.
    brought tears to my eyes.
    congrats as you're into your 3rd year of forever together. =)

  4. i'm touched... this is s weet post

  5. It takes a lot to move me but this post spoke to my soft side...AND THOSE PHOTOS ARE FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!!