Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what is this feeling?

I didn't think it could happen to me...
The obsession.
The fixation.
The excitement.

I read, "Twilight".

"What's the big deal?"
I thought.
"Really, what is this all about? Is it really something great? or is it just a prepubescent fetish?"

I fluttered through the first few chapters, enjoying the plot, the characters, the settings, all the while trying to place Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the mirror of my mind, acting the story out on the tiny big screen in my head. Mostly that just made my mind drift, wondering what Kristen and Robert were doing right now in real life...didn't I hear they got married? I wonder if they shop at Walmart? Do they wear socks when they're home, or go barefoot?

Less than mid way through, I really sunk my teeth in.
I was always thirsty for more...
The passion, the lust, the drama!
Instead of picturing Kristen, I pictured myself as Bella.
Instead of picturing Robert, I pictured my husband as Edward.
(Okay, not really...I still pictured Robert. You can judge me, I don't care.)

During the day, in the time away from my new favorite book, I pretended someone would be there to swoop down and stop me from tripping, or block a runaway car about to hit me, or blast a bad guy to smithereens!

I wondered,
What would I look like as a vampire? Could I really get any paler??
Wouldn't I look so pretty being all sparkly when I stepped into the sun?

I finished the first book last night.
Sliding into bed, sipping the last few slurps of my tea, I read the final pages.
I closed the book, and sighed, long and heavy.
Tucking myself deep down into the comforter, I glanced over at my sleeping husband, my icy toes curled under his.

Pulling the sheets up to my chin, and batting my pouty blue eyes, I said,
"I wish I could be a vampire too"

Not so asleep, my charming husband replied,
"Shut. The. (I can't say that word.) Up."

Okay. Maybe I have gone overboard.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the day Lena turned one...

Some time ago, somewhere in Kentucky, a boy dog and a girl dog (who, we are told were probably related...) decided they loved each other and made puppies. Or they were just bored...who knows.

A year ago today, those puppies were born. 
And one of them ended up with us.

(Lena, May of '09)

We celebrated in style. Doggy style.
We took Lena to the dog park, but her friends thought it was too muddy to come out and play.
She didn't think so! She ran through every pool of water and puddle of mud she could find.
Ohhhh, was she ever dirty...
So, we loaded her up and took her to the 'dog spa' (aka. tub and hose)

When we got home, we prettied her up with a crown...

("I'm 1! Or 7, depending how you look at it...")

And ate some cake!

(Spelling out "Happy Birthday" in cheese whiz is really, really hard.)

I'm pretty sure Lena had some sweet dreams of chasing tennis balls and eating peanut butter cake.

And she thinks we're the coolest human parents ever. 
She told me so.